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To add, a big part of the memory for fingerstyle is not just the note sequence, but where and how you hit each note.
For some notes I hit directly over the soundhole. Other notes I hit midway between the bridge and soundhole. And sometimes I even pluck into the fingerboard. That can chew up a lot of our brains memory. I will often get really into the piece and pluck the note on the wrong place. All of this is important if you want to project a certain tone and mood.
I am also using a custom thumbpick that requires exacting pressure. Too much of a stroke and it comes off sounding brash. Too little and the intent of that note could be lost.
I find that while strumming, I can get away with a little bit more. The other strings covers minor mistakes. On Fingerstyle all the mistakes show up quickly.
Yep, lots to remember.
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