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I havenít worked my stuff out, probably ever will. In my improvising / lead playing, I pretty much live in the minor and major pentatonic, with a few passing notes that seem to work. Stevie played almost only minor pentatonic, BB and Clapton played a mix of major and minor pentatonic. If itís good enough for those guys, itís more that enough for me. When Iím playing well and feeling it, those notes never feel limiting or get in the way of being musical. When Iím playing badly / NOT feeling it, being able to play all of the DP scales and modes in the world wouldnít make me sound better.

I have mad respect for the Jerry Garcias and Pat Metheneys and John Scofields of the world, who have almost no limits to their playing. Iíd love to play like that, but Iíll never put in enough time. As long as I can get music out of the guitar, Iíve exceeded all of the hopes and expectations I had when I started playing...

One nice acoustic, two cheap but great electrics.
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