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Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
In minor scales you have the natural minor, melodic minor, and harmonic minor.

In the melodic minor scale the 6th and 7th notes are raised a half step on the way up the scale but not on the way down the scale.

In the harmonic minor scale (perhaps the most satisfying regarding returning to the root note) you have a raised 7th note on both the way up and the way down the scale.

Depending on the specific situation this will affect how well using the minor pentatonic comes out if you just stick to the natural minor notes.
Yeah, I was aware of the other minor scales. I have used the harmonic minor for soloing with, I used to like the eastern flavour of it. From what I'm seeing, it seems that a lot of guitarist ignore harmonic and melodic minor and rely on the natural minor. In which case you don't get the E major (in A minor) due to the sharp 7th or g sharp tone etc.
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