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Originally Posted by vanceen View Post
Personally, I would rarely play strict pentatonic minor over a I IV V progression. If I did, it would be if I was playing blues, by which I mean blues blues, not a jazz blues tune.

Stevie Ray Vaughn used almost exclusively pentatonic minor for soloing. I would never say that he hadn't worked his stuff out. He just worked it out in a niche style that worked well for him.

For blues soloing, I'll usually switch back and forth from minor to major pentatonic, and throw in lots of seconds and sixth as needed to follow the changes. Clapton even uses the major seventh scale tone in blues, and it sounds great.

It's a genre thing. Jazz is a genre too, albeit quite a bit more complex. But there are distinct sub-genres in jazz. If you're playing bebop you're going to be leaning on some scale tones you wouldn't use in Dixieland for instance.

The best advice I ever got for learning to play more jazz is to listen and copy. Then listen and copy some more. Repeat as required. Let the songs and the sounds and the feel get under your skin. Then you won't be thinking about scales when you play. Yes, you'll need to practice all the scales a bunch and get to where they are second hand, but if you're thinking about scales when you're playing a song, you're probably playing something pretty boring.
Thanks for you input there. I'm still getting all of the triads under my fingers and hope to be able to play them unconsciously. My thinking is that, with those as structure/foundation so you can easily escape to a sure tone if your in between notes doesn't do it for you.

I was watching a Paul Davids Video about BB King. The BB King "box" is a unique scale from what PD was saying that it's very versatile. I'm not a big blues fan, but BB (in the stuff I've heard of his) sounds like he really knows what he's doing.

Then there is breaking the rules, plenty of the best have done that. For me, I'm not at that level yet. I'm sure I'll get there. Not that it matters. But I'd like to be melodic and flowing, we'll see.
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