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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post

And I think you can converse-musically very well without being at the aforementioned professional writer level.

Hi Larry, thanks for the thoughtful and thorough response. I agree wholeheartedly.

I'm a much better singer than guitarist, and I learned much earlier and more organically. I didn't 'practice' until I joined a vocal group in college. My family just sang a lot. I sing (pre-COVID) with a small choral group full of classically trained singers, and I can converse just fine despite my lack of formal training. We can all hear where the piece wants to go, and react to the director and other singers. I don't really think about how to come in on key, or how to adjust to the group or soloist on the fly. Writing this, I really miss it .

Anyway, the challenge for me on guitar is conversing musically when I'm not really fluent, and I'm usually performing a monologue for an audience of one. And of course, there are no shortcuts. The trouble with singing it and then playing it, I'm discovering, is that I can't sing in chords.
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