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Originally Posted by LifesShort View Post
I would prefer that they had not used the veneer, unless the grain of the Khaya is just butt ugly.
From a lumber standpoint, Khaya has lost a lot of favor in manufacturing where appearance is important because much of the Khaya that is being harvested in recent years is very inconsistent in color - lots of very light, whitish colors in the wood making it very hard to match other things. The quality as a tonewood I would expect to not be compromised, but it's very likely that it wouldn't be uniformly colored like we think of most "mahogany" and not even ribboned/striped like we think of some "mahogany". I personally love it, but I understand the desires to have it be a little prettier and I'm guessing there was some value in utilizing the less than stellar looking khaya for the quality of it in construction and then veneering the very gorgeous koa on top. From a manufacturing standpoint and a marketing standpoint, it's sound. I'd still rather they use solid ugly mahogany and stain it all dark like they do anyway.
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