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It's actually pretty common that many tuners and tuning apps just don't read the bass E string very well. That is particularly true if the strings are going dead and do not have many overtones left. I will often tune that bass string to a 12th fret harmonic (E) or a 7th fret harmonic (B). There is also the old standby of tuning the 6th string fretted at the 5th fret to match the open 5th string. Both are A's. On most guitars, if you make them match perfectly while fretting, the E string may be a couple of ticks flat when played open.

Your tuner reads the E chord because it finally has enough information to lock on top pitch. Another common error is continually plucking the string over and over. You have to pluck it once and wait a couple of seconds for the tuner to lock on. The string may even be a tiny bit sharp at first but will quickly settle back down to pitch.

And don't worry about being new. Once as new pilot going into a check ride, I apologized to the instructor about "only" having ~100 hours. He looked me right in the eye and said. "Even birds start with zero flight time. Let's go fly". Welcome to the AGF and to guitar.
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