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Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7 View Post
In the end, guitars are simply tools that hopefully get out of the way and support us in making music....

When we create custom instruments, we tend to focus on the ingredients (and talk about them!), the recipe and method of preparation is the main point of discussion as opposed to whether we enjoyed the meal! Great guitars have been shown time and time again to be made from a variety of materials. While there are audible differences between these three OMs, all of them are capable of sounding beautiful and supporting a musician to express themselves. The thing that we cannot hear via recording technology is the full experience of playing an instrument. I bet each makes the player feel different after playing the same piece on it. I do think players tend to hear a bit with their eyes and bring preconceived ideas about how tonewoods influence how an instrument sounds and your "experiment" illustrated that beautifully.
I couldnae ha' said it better, lad!
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