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Much appreciation to you who have "taken the test". And thanks to those who have posted their convictions. Condolences to those, too, who have gotten things upside down. For what this might be worth, neither Ryan nor I did 100% on the blind listening test that we imposed on ourselves. Ah well, the human ear--for all its amazing abilities--is not fool-proof.

Another point to report, which I find interesting from a player's perspective, is the difference in "feel". I made these necks as closely as I could (they weighed the same, for instance) and the action is set the same on these guitars. They are all strung with the same strings. But they "feel" different when playing. They elicit different responses from the player, and care had to be taken when playing the tests to approach each guitar with the same attack, same technique, etc.
Some of you who have multiple guitars from multiple builders, from who knows how many different tone woods, are familiar with this experience.
I found it interesting that three similar guitars from the same shop could display this phenomenon. If I was rather heartless, I would ask you to listen to the tests again and guess which one I enjoyed playing more.

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