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First off, welcome...

I'll second Dan on the Godins - I own two (an acoustic 5th Avenue and a single-cut CW II electric) and they're great guitars for the money; FYI there's a minor resurgence that's been taking place over the last decade or so, and there's been a gradual trickle-down effect - no longer do you need to fork over $4K or more as your price of admission to the archtop world. While $500 can get you the modern equivalent of those old '50s Harmony and Kay comp boxes - the Gretsch New Yorker (in both pure acoustic and electric versions), Loar LH-300 (this one's got a carved top), and the aforementioned Godin (all light-years ahead of the old stuff, BTW) - if you can hold out and squirrel away $1000-1500 you can come away with a Guild A-150 or one of the lower-line Eastman models, IMO far more guitar for the money...
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