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Originally Posted by Paultergeist View Post


As a method towards (a) memorizing songs as well as (b) understanding songs better, I have long been advised by my music mentors to "harmonically analyze" the chords which comprise the songs I wish to play. By the term "harmonic analysis," I mean the exercise/study of assigning Roman numerals to the chords within a piece of music, and extrapolating relationships and functions based on those chord numerals in relationship to each other. I have been performing this practice -- inconsistently, admittedly -- for a number of years when studying a new piece of music (often popular or jazz music).


Insightful comments will be much appreciated.

You're confusing compositional analysis for simply knowing how common chord progressions fit together.

You don't need to bring up plagal cadences and whatnot to recognize a I IV V in the key of G or a ii V I in Bb.

Roman numerals are just a shorthand. You can memorize Amin7 D9 Gmin7 C9 Fmaj7 or you can memorize iii VI ii V I key of F. The difference being, you'll only run into the former in the key of F, but you'll run into the latter in many different keys and songs.


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