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Originally Posted by rob2966 View Post
The iRig PRE is probably the easiest/cheapest way to connect a mic to your iPad.

I would expect it to work reasonably well for streaming since I think it just takes over the built in microphone input.

Now, collaborating live is a whole other challenge. I have an acoustic duo (I play and sing backup, other lead singer) and we have used JamKazam with some success for online practicing. There is a wee bit of latency but is ok. Now, you need to be reasonably geo located and you have to be hard-wired, no WiFi, so not a solution for iPad.

There may be other options out there that are iPad supported.

The main problem with Zoom, etc is they usually filter the audio (to reduce bandwidth) around voice frequencies. Hence, you would hear the singing, but the top/bottom of the instruments may not come through very well. Also, apps like Zoom don't really care about latency so it could be too lengthy to be usable.

Thanks Rob. BTW, I see that there's both an analog and digital version of the iRig Pre. Which one are you referring to (or which would you recommend)?

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