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I spent a few weeks trying out different crossover guitars at your price point. I was more interested in the acoustic sound than the pickup sound. I was surprised to find that the taylor academy was hands down the best sounding of the inexpensive crossovers acoustically. I am NOT a taylor fan at all, but I am very much enjoying this guitar,. I believe the cordoba, with which I was comparing it, had a dual mic/pickup system and more eq etc on the built in preamp, and that taylor has only piezo. So, if I were in your shoes, I would definitely try to find someplace to try them (I went to Gryphon in Palo Alto). But if that is not possible, and you care mostly about the ampllified sound, then the Cordoba may be a better bet. The only concern with the dual mic/piezo set up is feedback sensitivity, as mics are really much more prone to feedback.

I have been reading that more manufacturers/luthiers are making crossovers, I saw a buscarino for like 10 grand. It is the next stage for boomers with aging hands!

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