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Default 1935 Gibson Nick Lucas, Maple/Adirondack Spruce

The Nick Lucas model is consistently sought out as one of the finest sounding and exclusive vintage Gibsons in existence, having only been made from 1928 to 1941, and in that time undergoing a number of transformations. What began as a 12-fret flattop with a 13 1/2” lower bout eventually settled in 1935 as the 14-fret powerhouse with an extra inch across the lower bout and a 4 5/8” body depth, resulting in an injection of extra power and bass response into an otherwise warm, intimate voice. This guitar sings like a big guitar but in a small package--there's a reason why so many modern builders have attempted to recreate the Nick Lucas model. The V neck is chunky and familiar in hand, and is largely mark free, as is the rest of the guitar. This Gibson comes to us all the way from 1935, approaching a hundred years old, but is remarkably well preserved. Aside from the frets and case, all the components appear to be original, and we don’t believe the neck has been reset before (in spite of the fact that the setup is still easy on the hands, with good break angle at the saddle). Vintage Gibsons have a reputation of not weathering the years very well, but this ’35 Nick Lucas is the exception. The sunburst is darker and tighter than we what we’d expect from a flattop of this period, which leads us to guess that it may have been a custom order at the time of construction. However, the figure of the Maple still manages to shine through the back and sides, especially at the waist, and ditto for the incredibly tight-grained Adirondack Spruce top.

It’s vintage guitars like this Nick Lucas that get us out of bed in the morning. They’ve been around long enough to really wake up and have something to say, and we cherish the time we get to visit with them. But, this Gibson needs to find its new home, and we fear it won’t be with us. Do reach out if you’d like to discuss this piece with us, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have.

When I hold one of these really rare and special old Gibsons, I get it. I have played many, but there are very few of these Maple-bodied Nick Lucas in the world. It’s energetic and punchy, perfect for blues and rags—and simply cool. There’s so much vibe and character in this guitar to both behold and to hear. - Paul Heumiller

Cash Price: $31,995

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