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Default 2020 Robbins R.2ca, Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce

This 2020 Robbins comes to us in a smaller, more intimate package—with all the power and dynamism we’ve come to expect from Tyler’s guitars. This is our first R.2ca, a petite 12-fretter with a 15 inch lower bout, boasting twin arm and rib bevels, primo Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, and a creamy German Spruce top. Additionally, Tyler adorned this one with a uniquely geometric rosette, florentine cutaway, and silver-trimmed resin position markers. And it all comes wrapped up in a lightweight Hoffee flight case.

The voice is characterized by clear and articulate note definition, and an even decay. We find this translates to a particular clarity when playing swiftly, or with complex chords; notes don’t get lost in a muddle. Rather, this Robbins has a crisp, oh-so-clear voice that’s a delight. We can’t recommend this one more highly than that.

This guitar is a great example to me of what this golden age of lutherie is offering us. So much more body energy and fullness of tone than most of the guitars I grew up with. Tyler Robbins is a young and exciting maker learning at the feet of a master, Bryan Galloup, but making everything he touches his own. Every time I share one of Tyler‘s guitars with a client they simply gasp, that’s inspiration. - Paul Heumiller

Cash Price: $13,995

For more information please visit:

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