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Because everyone learns somewhat differently, and their goals are all different, there is no ONE TRUE time management strategy.

However, there are some helpful insights gained from neuropsychology that can guide you:

- Keep practices fun and engaging. For most people, this entails always including song work in the mix.

- Our brains are more efficient tackling smaller problems for shorter times than the opposite. Working on one thing for hours can often slow down the process.

- In general, an hour a day 7 times a week beats one 8 hour session once a week.
Whether you are building muscle memory or internalizing a technique, our brains need alternating focus and rest (I call this digestion time) to do their best work.

- Connect your practice time tasks with your goals. Whenever you practice anything, consider which goal(s) it is moving you towards.
(What? You haven't set specific goals?)

- Set specific and measurable goals. If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there - and you probably won't like 'there' after awhile.

Based on your self-description of 'unfocused flighty practicer', I will offer another suggestion. Find a teacher.

A teacher can answer these types of questions far more effectively than AGF members, since they can see and hear exactly what your current skills are, what your missing skills might be, and use your particular goals to create very personalized advice.

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