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Default Practice time management.

I’m trying to figure out what is the best practice time management. If I play for an hour or so a day actual focused practices, what exactly should I do? I have always been a very unfocused flighty practicer and of late I really have the bug to focus and flush out what I want to learn. This is mostly bluegrass/ country/ Americana/ alternative acoustic music but not really focusing on leads. I really want to flush out my rhythm playing, fills and accurate playing. Anyway…. How does one manage there time effectively. Like do you dedicate a day to working on G runs ..etc, or basic open cord scales. Or do you split your hour between working on runs and a specific song for example . Or a day for runs, a day for a song or two, a day for playing along with songs working on bringing things together, then start again. Or as a friend said… do two days in a row of each and it will sink in better.. I know everyone is different but what works best for you? And does anyone have any pointers on the web for time management information?
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