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Hi Ned,

Thanks for the continued information and guidance. I just wanted to follow up with you after having completed this project:

With the judicious use of heat from a hair dryer and a fingernail to lift an edge, I was able to remove both golpe (tap) plates from the top of the guitar. The remaining adhesive was stubborn, and not wanting to necessarily destroy the top finish at this point in time, I wanted to try to be careful. I ended up using a product called "Goof Off," designed to remove adhesives, etc. It took multiple applications, lots of paper towels (once a paper towel has some of the "gummy stuff" of old adhesive on it, it must be scrapped), and considerable time, but the golpe plates are now gone. There is no discernable difference in color to the top where the plates had been. There were some ultra fine scratches where a pick or nail might have left the golpe plate and contacted the actual finish, but a little automotive polish made short work of those. In all, the top looks great.

As to the sound......well, it has made maybe a very minor "opening" of the bass tones, but this might just be a subjective wishful-thinking on my part. It is not a bad guitar in many respects, but the acoustic tone, volume, projection, sustain -- it just feels constrained. All of this is probably a direct consequence of the guitar essentially having been over-built.

So......I am not yet sure where I am headed with this instrument, but I wanted to give you a final report. Thank you again for all of your support.

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