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Default 1960 Framus Sorella neck repair and restoration

I have had this 1960 Framus Sorella since 1992. I was 11 years old when I got it. It was stored in an attic for 15 years prior to it being in my possession. I never really played it because of a crack in the heel of the neck. I am at the start of a restoration project and would appreciate any information on the safest method to removing the neck. I have done research and have found removing the 15 fret where the joint meets the body and steaming it with a steam needle to be the most used method. My only concern is the fret doesn't meet perfectly with the joint and I may need to remove the fret board or drill into the the fret board itself. It looks like a V dovetail joint. Is there any other option to remove the neck safely without having to go through the fret board? Thanks you.
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