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Originally Posted by Paultergeist View Post
Hi Ned,

Thank you for the kind reply. Your assessment of the guitar having been "built heavily" is exactly how it sounds.

On one hand, maybe it is not worth the time and effort to try and make it sound any better. On the other hand, I have owned the guitar for some time, and I do not expect it would be worth much money were I to try and sell it (to buy something superior). It is a bit of a debate in my mind, and I confess that I wonder if I should be really bold and strip the finish, sand the top and back, and try to put French polish on it....?

If you are up for a project, a challenge, and some fun, then by all means. You may wish to thin the top somewhat (near the edges of the lower bout) and thin (taper) the rear of the fan braces, too. I don't think you would get significant enough sound difference to feel that it had been worthwhile just by changing to French polish.

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