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Default Removing pickguards....?


I have an older Yamaha nylon-string cut-away (NCX700?). It has a solid spruce top, and laminate back and sides. It was somewhat styled to be conducive to flamenco guitar, and thus has both a (typical) pickguard on the treble side of the top as well as a "tap plate" on the bass side.

All things considered, it has been a decent guitar, and I have gigged with it. I have modified it slightly by putting in a different pickup system than stock.

Compared to my other nylon string guitars, this one feels pretty heavy and dense -- sound-wise. It is not particularly inspiring to play acoustically. I have been contremplating the notion of trying to get the guitar to "open up" acoustically. My first instinct is to try and remove the clear plastic guards/pickguards described above; the rationale being that the top might gain a little more resonance or vibrational freedom. As I am of the suspicion that the guitar was *overbuilt* -- such that it could get bumped around in a music store and still look good -- I may eventually try my hand at stripping/re-finishing the top and/or back, but I am getting ahead of myself. The first step would seem to be to remove those clear guard plates.

I realize that there may be some cosmetic consequences to these actions, and I do not want to destroy the instrument, but I am willing to sacrifice some looks for performance, within reason.

I was hoping that some of the more knowledgable members might be able to offer some guidance as to the best method for removal of the plastic guards?

To any others who may have already done similarly to their guitars, was there a significant improvement in sound quality upon removing the plastic from the soundboard?

Thanks for any thoughts.
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