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Default Martin D-28 Repair

Hi guys. First time posting here. Looking for some guidance...

So I scored a 2004 Martin D-28 at a yard sale. When I say scored Iím talking $50 bucks. I bought a legit Martin 640 hard shell case for it and a set of Martin factory bridge pins since the others werenít original. The case and pins cost me more than the guitar. It also came with the installed Martin Thinline Gold pickup.

Before anyone might become envious let me say that it does have some issues. First off the guitar was dry as a bone. Iím talking DRY. It felt like it might catch fire if I rubbed my hand down itís neck a few times. The body had shriveled down to the point where edges of the bridge were no longer making contact with the top and the binding on the top had separated along the edges. Also some of the bracing inside had separated from the back. Worst of all it has taken one hell of a knock (a busted hole) on the side of the body near the input jack. Yet despite these problems the neck was still straight and there werenít any fingerboard issues other than some worn out frets. It still played nicely and rang out clear.

Iíve spent the last couple of months slowly letting the guitar take in some moisture with the use of a Grover Dampit Guitar Humidifier. The body has really formed itself back into shape and there is just the slightest (if any at all) gap between the bridge and body now. The back has a really nice curve to it and all the bracing (although still unglued) is making good contact everywhere. All in all Iím pleased with it as is and it will make an excellent campfire guitar if nothing else.

However, the reason for my post is that Iím looking for references and guidance on possibly sending this guitar to someone and letting them really do a complete overhaul to it and fix it up good as new. Actually with the busted hole in the sideI donít expect it would ever be good as new but with no more than I currently have in this guitar and given its potential, Iím willing to pay out the extra and have someone at least glue the bracing and binding back down and maybe even plug the whole and refinish it if that can be done. Itís also in the verge of needing a refret as well. I might could get by without that for now but if someone could manage a complete refinish now might be the time for new frets.

So with all that being said what do you guys think? Is it worth getting these problems addressed or should I just play it as is and let it go. If itís worth it and not too expensive I can ship to a knowledgeable luthier and have them make the repairs. I live in central Alabama about 3.5 hours south of Nashville if that helps give you any reference to who nearby could might handle such a project. I can also get some photos posted if that would help with your input.

Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing back from some of you.
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