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Originally Posted by L20A View Post
Age does come into play in the Martin/Taylor debate.
Playing style and music choice also factors in.
I was going to point out that in this thread age doesn't really appear to be much of a factor, at least related to the OP's theory and given the number of replies from older players that play Taylors..... But I got to thinking that there might be one age related factor but more so when combined with the chronological aspect of having had the funds to purchase a Martin prior to when Taylor became a name in the acoustic guitar market.

People that play traditional Folk and Bluegrass tend to gravitate to Martin because of it's rich history connected to this music.
People that prefer Taylor guitars generally are not affected by this cult pressure.
This is arguably true in , but also does not really appear to have much to do with age per se . There is indeed sometimes cult pressure or air of self inflicted identification especially in Bluegrass , Folk a bit less . Several times I have been to Bluegrass Jambs and noticed a bit of a haughty indignant tone or glance when I pull my 810ce out of the case. But I have to admit such juvenile attitudes are amusing especially given that it often comes from the older (my age ) attendees .
I suppose some never escape their own insecurities .

And then there is also the fact that much of the Martin D28 Bluegrass tradition stems simply from the fact that it could be heard among banjo and fiddle
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