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I was a teenager in the late 90's (ya ya ya I know that is young around these parts) and for graduation my parents gave me 1,000 bucks to spend any way I wanted. I had saved 1,500 from working at a local grocery store so I withdrew everything and headed to GC.

I played several Martins and Taylors (Had no interest in anything else at the time) and I kept coming back to the Taylors and in particular an 814ce. I had only been playing a short while so Tone wasn't really entering the equation. My very inexperienced teenage self found the Taylors to be more comfortable to hold and they consistently had lower action. On top of that I do remember thinking they were "cooler" looking.

Fast forward 20 years and I'm all about variety, especially when it comes to tone. Each of my guitars are like a single color on a painters palette, with some being used more regularly than others.
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