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A few months ago I bought a brand new Martin D35. Within 6 weeks or so it started opening up noticeabley. The higher strings became clearer with longer lasting sustain. Yet it still sounded a bit stiff tone wise. That will mellow and get better with age (someone elses problem now because I sold it). Went back to the same store and played every highend guitar they had and though most of them sounded nice the Martins all had that new stiff sound just like the D35. The D35 was still the best sounding guitar on the wall at that time. A few days ago I went in there again and played every high end guitar they had....again. Though there were different guitars there this time becuase some had sold. I picked up a Gibson Jumbo in there that out sung every other guitar in the room. IN fact it was the best sounding acoustic guitar I've ever played. If it sounds that good brand new imagine what it'll sound like once it opens up. It doesn't have a stiffness to the tone at all and just rings out when strummed. A few years of mellowing out and that guitar will be incredible. So, though I can't afford to buy it right now, it's on lay away. Thankfully I have a good working relationship with the music store owner and he'll work with me. The lesson in all of this for me is that I never again intend to buy a guitar that I've not had the chance to play before hand. I would rather spend the extra money and have a chance to find that really special piece of wood.

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