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Originally Posted by Redagg65 View Post
I had only seen Tommy Emmanuel on video prior to Thursday night and decided to make the drive to a Breckenridge to see him in person. We bought tickets back in April and were fortunate enough to get 6th row seats about 50í from the stage. I thought I had an idea what to expect but was astounded by his performance. The man is a fantastic entertainer. One of the things I found most enjoyable is he really seems to enjoy what he does. He is completely at ease on stage with a myriad of genres and tunes ranging from Somewhere Over the Rainbow to a Beatles medley that was unbelievable. I didnít realize he sang as he did a Chet Adtkins tune as well in celebration of his birthday as well as a number he collaborated with Mark Knopfler on. The altitude (about 9600í ASL) seemed to affect him a bit as he reached for an oxygen bottle frequently through the performance but he powered through it and delivered like a champ. A word of caution if youíre a wannabe guitar hack looking for inspiration like myself. Go see him strictly for entertainment value. Seeing a player of that caliber will make you (me) realize there is an unattainable level of skill that exists. I will go see him next time heís nearby and highly recommend seeing him live. Videos just donít do him justice.
In my view, this is SO true!! I've talked with folks who have seen and admired his work on UTube and other video outlets.......and feel they know the man and his music. It doesn't come close to what you hear and witness when you see him live!! I've described it as "otherworldly"'s hard to believe what you're witnessing, especially if you do play guitar and have a sense of what it takes to do the things he does.
I'm seeing him again next month in New London Ct. there are still seats available at the Garde Theater for anyone who may not realize he's in this area for a show.
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