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Originally Posted by joeguam View Post
We have a gig coming up this weekend and I'm reaching out to get advice on the best way to record it. We'll be using the recording mostly for critiquing and improving, however, if we can get a good session of a song, we may also use it for a live demo recording.
Hi Joe...

Recording bands is a lot like photographing them. If you want great pics, hire a photographer with a good eye and great cameras/lenses. If you want snapshots have your friends shoot pics.

If you want a demo level recording, then hire it done. If you want snapshot recordings of the band, take a direct feed from the board, and just hand out the iPhones and collect the recordings later and put together something.

I'd find a local recordist who is skilled, and who has decent gear, and who understands what you want to do, and hire them. Give him/her access to the stage and board, and let them to worry about it. I'd plan on it taking one or two gigs for them to nail the process of capturing your sound.

There are plenty of $35-50 hr guys out there with decent gear.

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