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Originally Posted by Parlorman View Post
I don't think this is an investment so much as it is them wanting you to give them money.
I don't know how you figure that. They are looking for growth capital. As an equity investor, you will be entitled to all of the privileges of a normal shareholder. Depending on how they intend to grow the business and their exit strategy (assuming they have one) this could mean dividends from profits each year or potentially a payday if the company is sold. Pretty standard stuff. I'd be interested to know how much they think they can grow the business, what the exit strategy is supposed to be, and how they intend to grow the business. I like their approach to recording and aggressively representing their builders and vendors.

Edited: I had made some uninformed speculation about the growth strategy for their business. In reality I don't know much and shouldn't speculate. I have a lot of respect for their shop and approach.

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