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Originally Posted by Danz567 View Post
Thanks for that video. Was the amp at the same volume level for both guitars? Kinda gets me thinking, do I really need a preamp inside the guitar. Your emerald sounds awesome. I may be going the same route as you. I love my X20, but the Anthem was a big disappointment. BTW, some pretty fine guitar playing there.

Thanks for your compliments. Yes both channels were the same volume, EQ flat on both channels and the Gibson with the Anthem SL had the volume on full. The passive Schatten is a little louder than the Anthem SL. At least that's the way it is with these 2 guitars. It's possible that the results will vary for different guitars. I find the Anthem gets muddier as you increase the volume whereas the Schatten don't miss a beat, you can EQ it of course. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Anthem systems but I find the Schatten to be more natural sounding. Kind of hard to believe since the Anthem has an actual condenser mic as part of the system.

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