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Heee heee hee, soo sorry but here is a little...err...

case study! Sorry again.

I drove to a friend's house to show him a new acoustic and I stopped at a stop sign and then heard: screeeeeeechhhhhhh, guy behind all wheels locked and just kiss contacted the back of the car, where the new guitar was situated, but it sounded like The End.

So next time we were going to have more guitar protection, hee hee 'just in case'. sorry.

Enter the dragon: (Hiscox cases). Here is the famous video where they all stand on their case:

So I thought: "Hmmm"

And then a guitarist friend turned up at my house to show me his new Gibson Blues King L-00 which lived in a ...Hiscox. "Err uuurr ugh, is good".

Let the madness begin...

So further madness...I had 2 Maton 808s then and I noticed in the want ads that higher models came with...yep..a Hiscox case with the Maton brand on the sides! Oi de doi. I rang my local shops to buy 2...nope, don't stock them. Then I thought I would buy 2 used Matons that came in Hiscoxii??, sell the guitars and keep the cases? And then I ask a different shop and they had for me, especially for their old mad friend BK777...2 Maton branded Hiscox custom size 808 deep body cases! I was on their doorstep before they put down the phone.

And I made sure when I bought the next Maton Messiah 808 that when they asked: "Which case would you prefer with that, sir?" Ha ha ha ha ha hee: what do you think I picked?

But then .....agony, the new Taylor 717e has a fab case with it and while I could squeeze the 717e in to a Hiscox dread from a shop for full protection, I just keep admiring the Taylor case.....risking all and smashed guitar......for beauty!

Do I make a good case?

See You.


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