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Listen to me, please.....

The sound quality I'm hearing coming through my iMac built in speakers sounds fine, but the REAL point is this: Your playing is really good, and the musical content is really good!

THAT, my friend, is the crux of the matter.

I have heard all manner of recording tests here on this forum, and other places. The majority of what I hear doesn't get me to listen to more than 30 seconds or so because the MUSICAL CONTENT is so weak, or non existent.

As long as YOU are the final arbiter of your ability to 'stand up to the microphones' and put your heart & soul on the line, then the hard part is done.

Make it a clean enough recording that you're able to take it to a good studio for all the editing and mastering.

How many people have listened to the most scratched up 78's just trying to glean one iota of the musicality they're hearing past those scratches?

Content is what it's all about, especially when it's just you and your guitar.

If you play it for someone who's listening for stereo balance, ambient noise, etc, etc...then you've already failed, or they're just not getting what you're doing.

Best regards,
Howard Emerson
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