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Default Spend Money on Mics or Save for 'Real' Studio

Hi all,

I've been thinking about recording an album of solo-instrumental pieces in a sort-of John-Fahey-esque style and I'm currently working out the logistics of this.

I've been in 'real' studios before, but I really prefer working at home or in more informal places where I'm not watching the clock - here's my latest 'demo' that I recorded with an Oktava MK012 at the 12th fret, and a Rode NT1a at the bridge

Which I think sounds ok but could be better - I 'processed' the track through some UAD Plugins (Studer A800, LA2a, EMT140 Plate Reverb, and Ampex Tape) and I think it sounds fine for a demo, but I'd like a final recording to sound better.

So I'm trying to work out where to spend my money... do I spend the money on a studio and track, mix and master in the studio or do I buy some better mics, record myself, maybe get it mixed and mastered elsewhere...

I figure for the style I want a couple of good mics (been looking at the beyer mc930) in x/y or ORFT in a decent sounding space would be fine - I could hire a hall for a few day at a low price and not have the 9-5 pressure of being in the studio for the tracking, and then spend a day or two mixing.

Or do you think I'm better off saving my money for getting a proper studio for a few days where all I have to worry about is playing and they handle all the recording duties?
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