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I don't use logic I use pro tools However there should be enough similarity

First , an AUX track is a separate track ....lets put this in context This technique is in the mixing stage. After you have say an audio track of a vocal (with no effects on it) In any case the idea of using an Aux track is to get the effect off the audio track and place it instead on a separate track. (I'm sure logic has an area where you can create Tracks,) if it has the ability to create different types of tracks then select a stereo Aux track. If not just create an additional stereo audio track. We willl call this new track, the "effects track". Either way you then will send the vocal signal using the send section of the vocal track thru a BUS to the effects track .

The reason to have a completely separate channel for the effect is because you will then have both a dry signal track (the original vocal track no effects) going directly to the mix And a wet signal track (with effect ) getting the vocal via the send/ bus/ also going directly to the mix. having both gives you the ability blend the dry and wet.

So from the send section of the vocal track you should have a drop down with Bus as a selection choose a stereo Bus say 1-2.. Then in the input section on the Effects track select Bus and choose 1-2... This routes the dry vocal signal to the track that has the effect on it .

Then what you hear is the full effect which from your OP was to much.. So just start lowering the volume of the Effects track until you like the blended sound.

Hope this is a bit clearer
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