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Default some mixes

Okay, I MIGHT have some final Mixes here, but probably not, still tweaking here and there:

A Bikini and Sunglasses: -- This sounds okay, but maybe a little thin even with the reverb, and maybe could be panned to the right just a bit more without making my ears bleed.

A Bikini and Sunglasses Ver2: -- I think this is much better, not as thin, but still keeps the bass subdued and not overpowering.

Hana: -- I can't quite put my finger on it....I like it, but the highs sound fake to me...maybe there is too much EQ'ing here?

Hana Ver2: -- I'm thinking this might be a bit better, it's not EQ'd as much, and I think it has a bit more of the presence of the guitar there.

Rainy Window: -- My favorite, and I am NOT touching this one anymore. This is as close to studio as I can get. The tone and overall feel of this song is just about perfect to me!!

Rainy Window Ver2: -- This sounds better to me when you listen to it along side the other Ver2's. One of the things I strived for was a good mix across the board when listening to my tracks.

Tested these in multiple places, and the ones in blue are keepers to me. You still hear alot of hiss from the mic in cheap speakers/headphones, but this I think is the best I can get with my equipment and budget.

Its a Zoom H2 mic.

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