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Default Aloha Kevin - Try Acrylic Nails Just Once - It'll Change Your Playing!

Aloha Kevin,

Regarding your use of metal fingerpicks. I used them too for decades because my nails are not strong & I kept sanding them off while making guitars & I play mostly fingerstyle.

About 15 years ago, after yet another pick went flying off during a gig into the dark shrubbery outdoor stage area that I couldn't find again, and I'd had it. I asked a musician friend & he sent me to a manicurist who works with many of Honolulu's best pickers.

I got acrylic nails built up on my right index, middle & ring fingers - about $7. And haven't looked back. It provided much better touch on the dynamic's of my playing & I could play more softly. It made ALL the difference. I still use a plastic thumb pick (Golden Gate, Fred Kelly, Dunlop or National)

HINT: They last longer (for me about five weeks!) if you have the manicurist make them about 3/16" longer than the end of your finger. Then YOU file them down to what you want & just maintain file them before you play. It makes nails thicker & they last much longer that way. Been working for me for a long time. Totally Worth the small amount of money.

Give it a shot & lose the metal picks for good. It'll soften your attack & give you better touch for dynamics, better clarity & more volume control. (Less chance for carpal tunnel down the road too.) Then we can clearly hear your vocals, Kev. Ha!

All the best, Kevin.


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