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Originally Posted by geokie8 View Post
2) You don’t need to go into a studio.
Absolutely. This isn't black or white, and it doesn't need to cost a lot to get a decent recording at home. There's also less magic about going to a "real studio" that you may expect. It won't necessarily automatically make everything great. If you check out my you tube videos (in my sig), all the recent ones were recorded in a completely untreated, very small room with a Zoom H4. I think they're acceptable for a home you tube recording.

I have no opinion about the basic premise of this thread, but if you want to capture yourself better on a recording, I'd suggest starting with a target. Find a recording or video that sounds the way you'd like to sound and then start trying to emulate it. You'll likely learn a lot, not only about recording but about your music and performance, and you'll eventually figure out how to capture something that you like.
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