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Youíve been getting a lot of advice, and youíre responding to almost all of it, so I think itís time for a reboot.


1) The room and the recording of your voice are really the only things that need to be addressed. There are, of course, multiple ways to approach these problems and there is a cost/ benefit to each approach. It may require different hardware or it may just require someone with more experience better utilizing what you already have.

2) You donít need to go into a studio. If Springsteen can release a commercial album (Nebraska) recorded in his bedroom (or was it his kitchen?) onto a 4 track cassette player with two SM-57s, you can figure out how to get a more pleasing sound onto YouTube.

3) It would probably be worth the money to hire a gifted amateur to come to your house and make recommendations and work with you for a few hours. Among the things youíll get: heíll make recommendations on your vocal mic, optimize your voice, pick the room, tell you how to optimize the room, recommend hardware/software with best value, and show you the best way to record everything. Youíll save time and money in the long run (and if he likes your music may take a specific interest in you). If you have no idea how to locate someone, try a large church with the most contemporary music in your area.

This has been a great thread and most of us appreciate you putting yourself out there for comments/critique.

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