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Originally Posted by knuckle View Post
I didn't realize the timing was off either. I have a drummer that I'm going to be working with and he says the same thing, all my recordings the beats are way off. That's one of the reasons I started using the stomp box, to have something to try to keep me in time. I've never used a metronome in my life. Perhaps I should. I've thought about it but jeesh, singing, foot stomping, playing guitar, looking at words (as the song is not memorized yet) and finally looking at a metronome at the same time? Jeesh.
You might be amazed out how much benefit there is to playing with a metronome for awhile to get baselined. I use an iPad app. It allows me to store setlists with the settings for each of my tunes. I rehearse both with it and without it. But, it help me lock in the time a little better. The App I use is simply Called Metronome. It was cheap.
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