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Well, (most) everything I hear on the interent sounds better than a lot of home-made music did ten or fifteen years ago. It sounds like the man is only judging your recording quality - which is different than the music, of course. It's like someone only willing to listen to high-end guitars.

It is unfair, as not everyone has the money and time to spend on these things. Your stuff sounds fine to me - it is not studio quality sound, no. You would have to go to a studio for that - and is that really the point of making music and sharing it on the internet? It sounds plenty good enough to listen to and enjoy the songs and music.

I don't see why one comment would make you want to change everything - it sounds fine for sharing stuff with people, letting them hear your songs.

I am no expert on sound quality. It is a hobby, but I have very little money to spend on it and a small apartement with no real "music room". But the best things I bought were a ZoomH2 and Corel Video Studio (but any video program will do). It's not hard to learn - you can synch stuff by hand in less than 15 minutes (if that), trim the ends and place the recorder anywhere you want.

True, you will probably want to edit the audio in a music program. Actually something you could try already, with your camera's audio in one of the free programs. Might be worth a try and wouldn't cost anything. Just to see if you liked the sound better.

I do like using a metronome (my timing is still always off, but it helps). But you record live vocals, guitar, stomp, so that would be tricky, I can imagine.
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