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Appreciate the comments guys. I'm using a genz benz shen 300LT stereo acoustic amp and an acoustic brand AG 30 as sort of a monitor.

To me, my voice sounds better with reverb, but I can't really hear it too much in the tune when I listen to it. But I did have it up quite a bit. Maybe that's what's killing it? Funny, the songs I have no reverb on, some have over 10k hits. Just me on the couch with guitar. I figured reverb made you sound better?

Or perhaps when doing a professional recorded version. My stuff ain't pro, that's for sure. My room is not treated. It's the basement. Out of all the money I spend, pretty much zero goes into recording. As I mentioned, it's not my goal, my goal is to play live music. BUT!! If releasing subpar material on the net is going to do me a disservice. I'll just wait a while and redo everything professionally or spend the money and time and buy a whole bunch of crap and spend a year in the basement and ignore my family

Just kidding. I just need to find a happy medium between suck and pro as far as the videos are concerned. I didn't realize the timing was off either. I have a drummer that I'm going to be working with and he says the same thing, all my recordings the beats are way off. That's one of the reasons I started using the stomp box, to have something to try to keep me in time. I've never used a metronome in my life. Perhaps I should. I've thought about it but jeesh, singing, foot stomping, playing guitar, looking at words (as the song is not memorized yet) and finally looking at a metronome at the same time? Jeesh.
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