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After listening to a couple of your clips, here's my un-professional take:

1. Guitar and other instruments sound good -- I can clearly hear the difference between a guitar, dobro, cello, etc. And the instrument mix is pretty good -- nothing drowning out anything else.

2. Vocals, however, have too much reverb, sitting way too far back in the mix -- you probably need the vocal mic direct into your board instead of mic'ing the PA (if that's what you are doing).

3. You might want to use a metronome visually so you can keep a steady beat -- "American Indian" has several rushed passages, and then you can tell you are trying to get back the starting speed.

4. Lastly, edit your "live" tracks to remove the first and last 20-30 seconds with all the sounds of walking over to your performing area, picking up guitar, sniffing, etc! Edit all that out.

Keep going!! Your voice is perfect for the rootsy style of music you play!

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