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It looks like you've had a lot of good audio recording advice so far.. + 1 for the suggestion of Zoom. I agree that there is too much reverb on the voice, it sounds very boomy - just pull it back a little bit. Are these originals? If so I really love the first link you sent!! It's wonderful. "Do You Believe?"

I didn't think your audio was that terrible at all.. it's decent enough considering what you're recording on. What worried me about that guy's post was that he was attacking you musically, saying that you tone was terrible and basically that you hadn't improved at all, and that, really, you suck and shouldn't try.

He's wrong!! Don't listen to him at all. Kudos to you for writing and recording and playing. You're certainly play well and I actually really love your song.. I don't take easily to much music straight away. Keep up the wonderful work!! Love this song!!

You'll sound awesome in the studio, just take your time and don't pay heed to these virtual internet fools.


PS. Anybody who thinks they can speak for everybody on an online forum by claiming that "nobody is telling you the truth" has some serious self-esteem issues of their own!
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