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Originally Posted by knuckle View Post
Sounds easy enough. What flavor of Vegas? I notice there's a few. Also how intelligent is the plugin to where it actually knows how to sync the video? Is it based on timing, that is when the video starts? Because the audio and video essentially start at the same time it syncs that way?
Well, that's the catch - the plugin is $150 and only works w/ Vegas Pro (which ain't cheap). It's not that difficult to just slide to align them, though really - I got this for multi-shoot stuff, but since I have it, I use it for everything.

As for how it works - it analyzes the audio -since the the video you take w/ your iphone will have it's own audio, it compares that to the other audio tracks and positions them based on sounds. Then you just mute or delete the iPhone audio and vwalla.

But really, if you don't wanna spend the can just drop them both in there, and eyeball where it should be based on a few hand claps at the beginning to make it easier...etc...
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