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Originally Posted by ferg View Post
I'm a software developer / SQL DBA (don't judge me, man), and I, too, generally try to avoid dealing with anything outside of work that reminds me of work. I've found that recording and editing audio and video on the computer is more like messing with music gear than the computer stuff I do for work. Sure, if you want to be a professional audio engineer, then that line probably gets blurred a little, but for doing decent demo recordings, marrying them to video, etc, etc - there's really not that much to it (particularly when compared to dealing with Oracle).

When it comes to recording separate audio and video here's how I do it (I'm doing this to show how simple it can be, not saying you should do exactly this):

Step 1: record (in 1 take) audio with a zoom portable recorder and video with a portable video camera.

Step 2: using Vegas, start a project and load the 2 files.

Step 3: Activate the pluraleyes plugin for Vegas. This is a plugin which will automatically sync the audio and video.

Step 4: export the video.

Sounds easy enough. What flavor of Vegas? I notice there's a few. Also how intelligent is the plugin to where it actually knows how to sync the video? Is it based on timing, that is when the video starts? Because the audio and video essentially start at the same time it syncs that way?
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