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Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
yup thats what i saw.. I downloaded the
app which is free to do.
when i went to try it i got the
sign up register 7 days free
than auto renewal.
Im assuming you liked it so much
you bought it b4 the 7 days was up.
I was unable to try it without signing
up for this 7 days free then auto renewal.
Bizzarre. Doesnt work that way for me.

Hard to debug these things remotely, but wild theory: You actually downloaded this a week ago, and managed to send me a collaboration request, all without paying, right? You just never finished the recording. So somehow between now and then, you've done something to put you in the paid subscriber mode. I'm not even sure how you are re-downloading and re-registering - once you've downloaded an app, even if you delete it, it usually just re-installs from the cloud.

Anyway, this is way more effort than was intended. For me, the whole thing from downloading to recording a demo was a 2 minute (free) exercise, which is why I thought it was kind of cool. You're all set with your video editor, your bandmates know how to send you the right files, etc. Time to give up on this app for you. I'll keep using it for when it's the right tool, I've got a few projects going with some friends.
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