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Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
I think after 7 days apple store has your
billing info linked to your acct or your wifes acct...if you dont cancel youll be
charged 9 something a month..
Thats what i saw anyway.. a week will tell.. Ill try again.. Did you try to do a recording on your wifes app...thats when
i ran into the 7 day trial agreement..the app is free until you try to do something.
Then your 7 day free countdown starts.
More than likly im wrong here...
Ill try it again stay looks like
it would work well..simple intuitive..
Well, it's not supposed to be. Mine was totally free, limited to 30 seconds. I upgraded to the subscription, then I started paying (and yes, when I signed up to pay, I think I got 7 days trial. but not simply to download and start using it.) I can still just go to the app store and cancel it any time.

But for the limited version, the app store listing says "free" with in-app purchases (the subscription that you don't need to do):


if they're lying and it's not free, I suspect Apple would ban them for life (it doesn't take much for Apple to dump an app that violates the rules), but they've been around for several years at least. You pay if you want more than 30 seconds, its free otherwise. The part we aren't sure of is that I read that only the video originator (me) needs to have paid, to create the original longer video, and that collaborators don't have to pay to add additional parts. That actually seems rather "generous" :-) of them, so who knows, maybe you can only add the first 30 seconds - that's what we set out to find out.

Again, I didn't mean this to be more complicated than learning a full-featured video editor :-) I was impressed that I got a collaborative video with a few clicks - this thread has taken 10X longer than the video creation process :-)
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