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You did just fine Whitney. I understand the suggestions to look into Gretsch Electromatics. I own 2 of them. They’re great guitars indeed! But, what you’ve purchased will be fine to learn on.

My first guitar was a Harmony from the JcPenny’s catalogue. It came with a 5 watt trash amp, a pitch pipe, a pick, a cord, and a cardboard box to carry it in LOL. I wish I were kidding.

The strings sat a mile off the board/neck. But I was determined. My father said if I’d learn how to play on that “rig” he’d buy me the “next level” gear I’d been looking at.

Less than a year later I’d moved on to better quality gear. But honestly, it was another year or so before I got anywhere near the gear you have today. 35 years ago getting decent gear (amp AND guitar) for under $300-$400 wasn’t as easy as it is today.

Technology and CNC machines have afforded all players (especially new ones) the opportunity to own some very decent gear for not much money.

Enjoy the process. I’d encourage you to have your guitar setup by a professional (it’s actually fairly easy to setup an electric or acoustic, but for now I’d leave it to a professional). This will make learning far more enjoyable.

There will always be better gear. Focus on your technique and train your ear. I’ve seen some pretty amazing players make entry level gear sound fantastic. On the flip side...I’ve seen some pretty underwhelming musicians make great gear sound terrible.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors.


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