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Originally Posted by DukeX View Post
I write, (compose, create, etc.) simply because I cannot not write (compose, create, etc.). This isn't an original thought; I learned the gist of it in a writer's magazine back in the early 80's, and it described me in a nutshell, fit me like a glove, turned on a light, gave me an identity.

So I don't really need motivation or goals, I just do it 'cause I can't help myself. But...yes, all of the things you mentioned are part of it.
I resemble this!! The only thing I'd add is that if I'm into some project ( CD, or perhaps playing out (rare), prep for this brings its own energy over and above the usual directions.
I like the painting analogy, Barry! One AGF member here described my offerings as "like little "poems" and I've taken that into my grab bag of motivators as I continue on.
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