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Passive soundhole pickups are my favourite style of pickup for an acoustic, I've tried most of them out there including these three. In order of preference, it's Fishman > Seymour Duncan > Kremona.

The Fishman Neo D is sonically in the middle ground between acoustic and electric hollowbody guitar, but the other two lean a little more towards sounding like a hollowbody. If you want a more acoustic sounding option, the Lace Sensor California and LR Baggs M1/M80 are as good as this type of pickup gets. I have a preference for the Lace option because it's very small and light but still sound fantastic; the LR Baggs are possibly a little better with the string-to-string adjustability and body sensor coil, but I think they're heavy and the trade-off isn't worthwhile when I play unamplified 95% of the time.
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I like big bouts and soundhole pickups.
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