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Originally Posted by stoneaxe View Post
I feel blessed to able to grab my coffee and walk to the shop to work, and stare at the storm outside- spent enough time in cold and wet weather on fish boats and construction in my youth.
Yes indeed. There are people who are out there working or just trying to survive the night because they have no shelter. It’s hard not to feel really blessed when working in the comfort of my shop doing what i like to do and enjoying the snow looking out a window.

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
The snow looks pretty from your shop, brother. Do try to remain inside. Let the grandkids build the snowmen! Pretty Bubinga, by the way.

Good advice Bro. The two grandsons showed up for hot chocolate yesterday. They sled down the drive. They warmed up and walked back up pulling their sleds. Youth.

What did you bind that bubinga box with? Real pretty work.
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